Our history dates back to 1983 when company co-founder Doug Kozlay left the NSA and co-founded Industrial Resource Engineering (later renamed SafeNet, Inc.), SafeNet became a recognized leader in banking communications security. In 2001, Doug left SafeNet and co-founded Biometric Associates, Inc. 

Today, Doug's vision is embodied in products that incorporate our core competencies in secure wireless communications and biometric subsystems. 

We are bringing four biometric verification products to market 

    •  FIG* :  a device for time and attendance 

    •  MBX-17* : a device for physical and logical access 

    •  MBXK-12* : an emergency beacon for primary schools

    •  MBXU* : a device for the college market 

           * patents pending

The company has been awarded the following patents:

    US 2007015419

Internet transaction authentication apparatus, method, and system for improving security of internet  transactions.

    US 12/806362

Apparatus, method & system for enforcing vehicle operator policy compliance.

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