Hospitals and medical facilities face unique security challenges.  Providers carry the responsibility of keeping their patients, residents, staff, assets and facilities safe 24/7.  Sadly every day we hear about an active shooter and hospital violence.  

Administrators must also keep prescription medications, valuable equipment and patient information secure. The challenge is balancing public access with restricted space. 

Current access control can't distinguish between a lost or stolen RFID badge from a valid badge

The solution - reducing liability through Biometric Access of various areas of the hospital is essential to maintaining the integrity of your hospital or healthcare facility


Mobile Biometric Access

Hospital Staff transferring a patient touch the MBX-HC sensor to enable the handsfree “access on approach” feature.  When approaching a restricted access point, the door will automatically open, saving precious seconds.  

The MBX-HC remains enabled for a specified period of time, granting access to multiple doors if desired.  Doors close as soon as the badge exits a specified range.  

The MBX-HC will work a standalone Bluetooth or RFID door reader or integrates easily with most existing access control systems.

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