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We hear about shootings and lockdowns on a daily basis.  The primary responsibility of every school administrator is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors.  

There is unprecedented demand for comprehensive safety policies, procedures and technologies.  A vast majority of schools are currently reevaluating their security operations.  

ID card systems can certainly help keep your school facilities more secure by identifying who is entering the building, but is that enough? 

The recent trend amongst school administrators is to integrate student IDs with access control systems.  This is part of a larger effort to increase overall education security.



The Power of a Print

All too often, people come and go as they please, whether they’re students or potentially dangerous intruders.  Biometric technology turns a simple fingerprint into a powerful deterrent for violence and criminal activities.

The MBX-K12 badge combines biometric fingerprint authentication with RFID & Bluetooth technology that allows access to only the assigned user.  Our technology utilizes a fully encrypted multi-point fingerprint template as an identifier that cannot be reverse engineered.  Fingerprint identification is verified in less than a second with an LED status indicator.

Fully Integrated Secure Access

Ability to assign different levels of access privileges for students, faculty, and administrators.  Capability to lock-down a school by authorized personnel through a single touch.  Provides location of alarm status and potential threat to emergency personnel.  The MBX-K12 can allow a message to be sent to signal a general alarm through phones and can be tied to existing messaging systems.

Seamless and Cost Effective

The MBX-K12 can be used with existing technology, Bluetooth, or RFID communication systems in use today.   No personal data stored on the badge or in an external database.  A unique open platform control system, allowing for customization to fit the needs of a particular institution.   A non-violent, cost effective security solution that can be converted quickly and easily.

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